Running local development services with CommandBox


Running local dev services in CommandBox rocks! CFML-based development has never been easier.

Verifying Checksums via CLI


When you download files from the Internet, particularly source files for programs, or compiled binaries, you may often see checksums next to the download links or contained in files in an FTP server. Open source projects, for instance, often include checksums for compressed versions of their source code for particular releases. 

Compiling Nginx from source on Ubuntu - April 2016 Update

CLI, Nginx, Ubuntu

Compiling Nginx, like other open source projects, tends to be a bit of a moving target. New versions are regularly released, dependent libraries are updated, and new modules become available over time. SPDY has been retired in favor of HTTP v2, and that changes is reflected in the latest build target for Nginx.

Review your reliance on npm libraries and CDNs


In case you haven't heard yet, npm broke a significant chunk of the Internet yesterday. 

JavaScript Automation, Part III - Configuring Grunt Tasks

CLI, JavaScript

Having installed and configured Grunt in Part I and Part II of our series on automating JavaScript builds, we proceed to the heart of the matter - configuring Grunt tasks to automate away the tedium of building our JavaScript client app from source files.

JavaScript Automation, Part II - Configuring Grunt

CLI, JavaScript

Building complex JavaScript front-ends is complicated. Grunt can help you improve your code/debug lifecycle by automating a lot of repetitive tasks that otherwise take up a lot of your time. If you are not familiar with Grunt yet, read Part I - Setting up Grunt. Once you have Grunt installed in your project, proceed to the next step - Grunt configuration.

JavaScript Automation, Part I - Setting Up Grunt

CLI, JavaScript

if you work on single-page apps and other JavaScript-centric Web development, you quickly learn that the code-debug cycle in client-side JavaScript is anything but automatic. In these kinds of environments, you end up with enough code that several things happen ...

Linux-compatible Wi-Fi USB adapter


Need a Linix-compatible Wi-Fi adapter that "just works"? The JUE302 from j5create might be just what you were looking for. Read on ...

Reading file creation time in CFML using the java.nio.file package

ColdFusion, Java

CFML has lots of nifty time-saving features that make it a great language for developing Web applications. Every now and again, though, you will find that there are things you can't get to directly in CFML. In these cases, we drop down to Java for our solution. How? Read on ...

Using the provider namespace in ColdBox/WireBox with JavaLoader

CFML, ColdBox, ColdFusion, Lucee

Injecting classes in ColdBox via WireBox is generally pretty easy, but it can become complicated depending on what you need to inject, and where it needs to be injected. Sometimes you need the advanced functionality of the provider namespace to make it work. Sound interesting? Read on...


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