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I build open source software to support a free and open Internet for everyone. If you would like to show your support through a contribution, please see my page on SubscribeStar.

I have worked on many open source projects over the years, but lately I have made it the focus of my software development efforts. I have a couple of projects in development now, including an in-browser Web app IDE for front-end Web developers called livesandbox. Think about it as an open source CodePen or JSFiddle, though it isn't quite there yet. I am also developing a reactive JavaScript framework called altseven for front-end applications as an alternative to ReactJS. Livesandbox itself is one of the first applications built using altseven.

If you know anything about software, you know how time-consuming it is to build and support complex applications. I would like to work full-time on these projects, but, like everyone else, I need to pay the bills. Every new subscriber helps me get closer to that goal, so if you are thinking about subscribing, just know that every subscription makes a difference. Thank you very much for your support.


My thoughts on software development, the Internet, and more. Thoughts and opinions my own.


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