Per-Process Network Monitoring in Linux

Have you ever been on a network connection with limited bandwidth and wondered what process was eating your bandwidth and preventing you from getting your work done?

Linux Users Outnumber macOS User on My Site

I am tickled pink to report that there are more Linux users than macOS users viewing this site.

Digging Through Granite is Tough Work

Nearing completion of the trenching for my footers. I need one more trench down the middle for plumbing.

Nine Months Later, What I've Been Up To

My last entry, Generating a self-signed SSL certififcate, was made nine months ago, so what have I been up to in the meantime?

Generating a self-signed SSL certififcate

One of the tasks every software developer needs to tackle periodically is generating a self-signed SSL certificate in one form or another for the purpose of testing SSL-secured software systems.

altseven 6.0.0 - Overview

It's been just over a year since I covered developments in the altseven framework.

Livesandbox Web app editor v 0.12.0 release

The next release of the livesandbox Javascript/Web app in-browser editor is now available.

gadget-ui v 7.0.0 - Part I - NodeJS support

gadget-ui, my open source JavaScript component library, has reached a new milestone- v 7.

gadget-ui v 7.0.0 - Part II - uploading images to a NodeJS app using FileUploader

In Part I of the look at the 7.0.0 release of gadget-ui, I discussed some of the new features of the library and provided some insight into the new NodeJS-based test system.

Recommended Computer Configurations for 2020

On a regular basis, I get asked by students and young professionals what kind of laptop/computer configuration I recommend for various kinds of work like graphic design, programming, and statistical analysis.