New Years House Update

I am behind on updates, so I thought I would post my latest house progress this evening.

I have had a couple of significant family issues to deal with, a lingering cold, and uncooperative weather (especially this week), and as I result I’m not done with the house just yet, but I am getting closer.

The roof is done but for a couple of bits of flashing and rain gutters. Flashing will be done soon, the rest can wait until the end.

Inside, the stucco base coat is done, the drywall is about 50% done, and attic insulation is about 80% done. I’m done with all but one of the skylight box drywall, once that last one is done I can finish the attic insulation, but I also need to insulate the pony walls. You can see some insulation falling into place from the attic, now I need to cut partial pieces so I can fill the voids and get inspected, then I can seal up the whole thing.

I bought curtains that I want to install, that will help keep the heat in at night. It is supposed to get down to 1 degree tomorrow night, but as long as it is sunny during the day, the house heats up enough to keep it from freezing inside at night.

We’ve been pounded by snow, first the day after my last post, then the first week of the year. About 8 inches on the ground right now, and it hasn’t gotten above freezing enough to melt anything. I had to move all my tools and supplies inside, the kitchen is overflowing.

I haven’t done much since New Year’s, I’m trying to shake this cold, so I’ve been delayed there.

I’ve had some other significant delays that can’t be helped, so right now I’m staying focused on what I can do. Next week the weather warms up significantly and that will help get me moving forward again. For now, I’m staying inside where it is warm.

Given that we’re deep in winter now, I’m not setting a timeline on completion. It’s tough to make progress in January and February, but I will get some things done.

skylights drywalled

insulation in the attic

Supplies in the kitchen

Snow in the back