10-24 House Update

Finishing the 3rd course of blocks tomorrow and working on the 4th course.

10-21 House Update

Almost done with the 2nd course of blocks, will finish up tomorrow and work on the fireplace bases.

9-28 House Update

I got the first course of blocks finished over the weekend.

09-11 House Update

Laid the first two blocks on the wall this morning.

09-02 House Update

Finished the floor today. A summer full of rain and heat has been an obstacle, but I got it done.

7-28 House Update

A week late and with much inconvenience due to a strong monsoon season, the concrete fill has been poured in the stem wall and the radiant heat piping has been laid.

7-22 House Update

Status of my project as of this afternoon. I had laid the vapor barrier and the rigid foam insulation under the slab by Tuesday morning.

6-24 House Update

Well, my mason skills are not the best, but I’ve got the corner started as of this morning.

6-18 House Update

This evening I will be staging materials and getting ready to lay the stem wall.

6-08 House UpdateS

Concrete pour is done! Ended up at 20.5 yards of concrete, some footers were wider by a couple of inches and that adds up quickly.