New Years Day House Update

New Years Day temporary transformation to winter wonderland thanks to overnight snowfall.

12-31 CEB House Update

I’ve had to stop for the week due to cold and snow, but next week looks promising.

CEB House Update 12-10

I haven’t posted an update in a few weeks, here is the latest progress on my house build.

CEB House Update 11-20-21

More progress this week on the walls of the house. I’m hoping to have the window and door frames all installed during the coming week, then it’s just a race to get the walls all the way up before winter kicks in.

CEB House Update 11-13

Quick update on the house build. I’m getting the 5th course of blocks on the wall.

10-24 House Update

Finishing the 3rd course of blocks tomorrow and working on the 4th course.

10-21 House Update

Almost done with the 2nd course of blocks, will finish up tomorrow and work on the fireplace bases.

9-28 House Update

I got the first course of blocks finished over the weekend.

09-11 House Update

Laid the first two blocks on the wall this morning.

09-02 House Update

Finished the floor today. A summer full of rain and heat has been an obstacle, but I got it done.