9-28 House Update

I got the first course of blocks finished over the weekend.

09-11 House Update

Laid the first two blocks on the wall this morning.

09-02 House Update

Finished the floor today. A summer full of rain and heat has been an obstacle, but I got it done.

7-28 House Update

A week late and with much inconvenience due to a strong monsoon season, the concrete fill has been poured in the stem wall and the radiant heat piping has been laid.

7-22 House Update

Status of my project as of this afternoon. I had laid the vapor barrier and the rigid foam insulation under the slab by Tuesday morning.

Configuring SSL in Apache James Email Server

If you have followed my post on (Installing and Configuring Apache James)[/blog/install-and-configure-apache-james/], you will have installed your base Apache James server and have the settings configured to send and receive mail for one or more domains.

Configuring DKIM and SPF for Apache James Email Server

In my last post, I provided an updated tutorial on (Installing and Configuring Apache James Email Server)[/blog/install-and-configure-apache-james-email/].

6-24 House Update

Well, my mason skills are not the best, but I’ve got the corner started as of this morning.

Installing and Configuring Apache James Email Server on Linux

This post is related to my instructional series on setting up Apache James as part of building baseline IT infrastructure for a startup or small business.

6-18 House Update

This evening I will be staging materials and getting ready to lay the stem wall.