4-12 House Update

The weather has finally improved after a snowy and cold winter, and I’ve started to make real progress on the house again.

The 1 x 6 ceiling decking is on the vigas now. From the inside, you can see it gives the house a very rustic look. I have also laid most of the felt paper vapor barrier on top of the ceiling decking.

I put most of the first row of rigid foam insulation on the exterior of the structure as well. I’ve only put up to eight feet since I need to have the pony walls inspected before enclosing them and adding insulation.

I have also built up the chimneys above the ceiling level. I had to get some additional ceramic flue liners to go all the way up above the roof line for all three chimneys.

You can see I have put the windows in place, though they are not finished just yet. Right now they are only screwed on through the fins, they still need to be taped and screwed in through the frames.

Next up is finishing that insulation layer and starting on the interior stucco base layer.

felt vapor barrier

inside ceiling decking