Installing and Configuring Apache James Email Server on Linux

This post is related to my instructional series on setting up Apache James as part of building baseline IT infrastructure for a startup or small business.

6-18 House Update

This evening I will be staging materials and getting ready to lay the stem wall.

6-08 House Update

Concrete pour is done! Ended up at 20.5 yards of concrete, some footers were wider by a couple of inches and that adds up quickly.

6-07 House Update

Bulkheads and perimeter insulation are in, we’re ready for concrete pour in the morning.

5-31 House Update

Rebar almost done, ready for concrete pour this coming week.

First Impressions of the Pine64 Beta

I got my Pine64 beta Convergence Edition a week ago or so, and I’ve used it enough now to give my first impressions and provide some ( hopefully ) useful feedback for the developers working on Manjaro Plasma for the Pine64.

Installing and Managing Multiple Java JDKs on Linux

Recently, Linux has become a friendlier environment for installing and managing alternate JDK environments.

Forcing Certbot to Renew an SSL Certificate

I just had to renew the letsencrypt SSL cert on my web site.

My Content Creation Workflow in Hugo

Since I ported my site to a static site using Hugo in late March, I’ve been ironing out the details on how to most efficiently create and post content to the site.

5-06 House Update

Got the plumbing trench filled. I used plywood forms with grade stakes to make straight edges in the footer trenches where the plumbing trench crossed them.