12-31 CEB House Update

I’ve had to stop for the week due to cold and snow, but next week looks promising.

I have about 500 blocks left to finish this near bedroom, a little more for the far bedroom, maybe 1500 total for those rooms and the rest of the south wall (at right).

Maybe another 1,000 after that to finish the rest, probably not quite that much.

I should be able to make and stack up to 1,000 next week if the weather holds; I’ll probably fall somewhere short of that goal.

I’m waiting on the fireplace materials to finish the interior walls and two small exterior walls, so I’ll finish the rest and have it mostly screened from the wind.

Thanks to those of you who have offered encouragement and given me ideas and feedback along the way.

I’m thinking I may spray and trowel the entire outside with a coat of mud when I’m done. I still need to put insulation and stucco over that, but aesthetically I like the idea of having a finished surface underneath, even though it will not be visible.

walls going up