Walkthrough Tutorials - Compiling Apache James v3 with Eclipse

Related to my recent links to video instructions for compiling Apache James v3 on the command line or with a combination of command line and Eclipse tooling, Bernd Waibel (bwaibel@intarsys.

Real-time server debug info using NodeJS, jQuery, Websockets and Logbox

Server-side debugging can be a painful process. Creating Rich Internet Applications - RIAs - ( or single-page apps by another name ) in particular can frustrate even the most experienced developers.

Custom constructors with mixins to add event bindings in JavaScript

A few years ago, Douglas Crockford wrote a seminal post on prototypal inheritance in JavaScript where he argued:

Add a local repo to GitHub

If you have a local repo that you want to add as a new project to GitHub, follow these simple steps:

Installing Lucee on Tomcat 7/OS X

Lucee Server (www.lucee.org) is a new application server that sits on the JVM.

Shell script to start and stop Lucee and Nginx

Update I have written a new blog post with an updated script that starts and stops Lucee (Tomcat) as a non-root user on OSX.

Reading and Writing Binary Files to MongoDB/GridFS with Lucee

MongoDB  offers an alternative to traditional database stores. It also offers an alternative persistence store to the file system for storing binary files on the server.

Lucee MongoDB Extension

Update: Looks like this is a bug in the MongoDB extension.