Re-building the locate database in OS X

Just discovered my locate database in OS X is corrupt.

Videos - Building Apache James from source

I just released videos on YouTune that demonstrate how to build Apache James mail server from source via two methods:

Installing Oracle JDK on Ubuntu

The Oracle JDK is no longer maintained in the Ubuntu repository, but if you want to install it, there is still a way to install via apt.

Building Apache James from source using CLI

Lately I have been working with the Apache James mail server, and I have needed to build it from source.

Compile NGIX from source on Ubuntu

Updated   Click here to see my updated instructions on compiling Nginx - April 2016     To Compile NGINX from source on Ubuntu, just follow these steps.

Prevent CF 10 autostart on OS X Mavericks

I struggled to find this anywhere else on Google. When I installed ColdFusion 10 (on my Mac, 10.

Setting up Go on OS X

Setting up Go on OS X involves several steps.

Connect to MySQL over SSH

If you are running MySQL in a VM or on a remote host that runs sshd, you can connect to MySQL using the MySQL Workbench by creating an SSH tunnel.