UI library gadget-ui updated with ES6 module support

I just published gadget-ui v. 6.0.0. There are no significant changes or additions to the library itself, but I have added ES6 modules exports to support importing the library, in whole or in part, using the ES6 import command.

tasklist - Client Application for a NodeJS REST API- Part I

A few days ago, I posted a NodeJS application built around a REST API, and some further thoughts around architecture with the NodeJS mysql package.

Exploring Architecture with the NodeJS mysql package

In software design, architectural choices have a significant influence on the maintainability of your code base.

Creating a NodeJS REST API with Express and MySQL

NodeJS offers the ability to build Web apps using JavaScript.

gadgetui.input.FileUploader example - Part III - database and CFML engine

In parts I and II of my FileUploader example code, I showed you the client-side and server-side code for the FileUploader component and some example code for a CFML-based server-component to handle the uploaded data.

So I created a JavaScript framework ...

Last year, and largely as an academic exercise, I created a JavaScript framework called altseven.

gadgetui.input.FileUploader example, Part II - the model.FileService server component

A FileUploader component does no good by itself. In order to provide upload capability, you need something on the server that can receive the uploaded files and process them.

gadget-ui JavaScript library Updated

I have been working on an update of the gadget-ui JavaScript library that includes a new feature - a multi-file upload component called gadgetui.

gadget-ui.input.FileUploader example

I'm going to demonstrate how to use the new gadget-ui.

Installing Apache James Email Server on Ubuntu

[ This post is part of my ongoing instructional series on setting up some baseline IT infrastructure for the fictional startup Shoestring Lab.