7-22 House Update

Status of my project as of this afternoon.

I had laid the vapor barrier and the rigid foam insulation under the slab by Tuesday morning. The concrete crew showed up to fill the CMU stem wall and started pumping. I went to run an errand and when I returned it was raining buckets - the biggest rain I’ve seen here.

Concrete crew had to push to next week. Plumber was supposed to be do radiant heat yesterday and today, they had to push as well, just too wet to do anything.

I pulled up everything in the hopes of getting it dry as quickly as possible.

I used the blue tarps to cover everything today when it looked like rain, but we escaped without any rainfall.

On the positive side, I’ve seen enough to plan for the future. I will have walls in place to prevent rain from pooling on the north side of the house (left in the photo). I may run a French drain along that side of the house just in case, but I need equipment to cut it because the ground over there is almost all decomposed granite.

All the darker soil is damp or wet, hopefully it stays dry. Tarping and untarping is going to be OK for preventing more water getting on it, but it needs to dry out.

prepping the slab