First Impressions of the Pine64 Beta

I got my Pine64 beta Convergence Edition a week ago or so, and I’ve used it enough now to give my first impressions and provide some ( hopefully ) useful feedback for the developers working on Manjaro Plasma for the Pine64.

Installing and Managing Multiple Java JDKs on Linux

Recently, Linux has become a friendlier environment for installing and managing alternate JDK environments.

Forcing Certbot to Renew an SSL Certificate

I just had to renew the letsencrypt SSL cert on my web site.

My Content Creation Workflow in Hugo

Since I ported my site to a static site using Hugo in late March, I’ve been ironing out the details on how to most efficiently create and post content to the site.

5-06 House Update

Got the plumbing trench filled. I used plywood forms with grade stakes to make straight edges in the footer trenches where the plumbing trench crossed them.

Multipass- Ubuntu VMs Made Easy

In the server space, virtual machines have been a part of PC computing for nearly twenty years, and have become increasingly important in corporate IT environments and on the Internet to enable companies to deploy and scale services on demand quickly and easily.

Porting My Site to a Static Site Generator

If you have visited my blog in the past, you probably noticed that I have updated my site to a new look and feel and removed some features that were previously available- like page counts and comments.

4-27 House Update

Progess! Plumbing rough-in finished today.

Gadget UI v 7.1.0 Overview

Gadget-ui is an open source widget library for use in Web applications.

Where Do You Put Scripts in Linux?

I was recently tooling around techie blogs and came across someone recommending a solution to the problem of snap wanting to update software at all hours of the days regardless of what else was going on and regardless of the available Internet bandwidth.