May 3, 2022 House Update

Latest update on my progress on the house. Most of the walls, except in the areas where I need to build the fireplaces, are up to the tops of the door/window rough bucks (frames visible in the picture).

April 3, 2022 House Update

New update on my progress. Winter, it seems, has finally broken.

January 20, 2022 House Update

I have to admit that January has been disappointing on the house build front.

New Years Day House Update

New Years Day temporary transformation to winter wonderland thanks to overnight snowfall.

12-31 CEB House Update

I’ve had to stop for the week due to cold and snow, but next week looks promising.

CEB House Update 12-10

I haven’t posted an update in a few weeks, here is the latest progress on my house build.

CEB House Update 11-20-21

More progress this week on the walls of the house. I’m hoping to have the window and door frames all installed during the coming week, then it’s just a race to get the walls all the way up before winter kicks in.

CEB House Update 11-13

Quick update on the house build. I’m getting the 5th course of blocks on the wall.

10-24 House Update

Finishing the 3rd course of blocks tomorrow and working on the 4th course.

10-21 House Update

Almost done with the 2nd course of blocks, will finish up tomorrow and work on the fireplace bases.