August 22nd House Update

Time for an update on the house build. I have all the windows in now, and the foam insulation is complete on the outside of the house. I trenched a few inches down and added some foam below grade on the advice of a friend so the exterior finish goes into the ground.

All but one of the skylights are on. I’m leaving that one off and using the hole as roof access as long as I can. I started to put the waterproof membrane on the roof over the weekend, then it got windy, so now I’m waiting on that. I’ve had to block in all the horizontal seams on the roof sheathing using 2x4s, that’s almost done. More of the stucco inside is done. The plumbers are coming in a couple of weeks, and the electricians are coming back soon.

Once the blocking is done, I need to put lathe on the outside and stucco it before the weather turns cold. That’s next on my list. I might do some of the inside stucco along the way depending on the temperature outside. Seems like we’ve gotten through the hottest part of the summer, but you never know.

north face

south face

west face