May 15th 2023 House Update

Big progress happening on the house build.

The trusses are on the house. Now I need to finish lining them up, clipping the bottoms to the interior walls, and screwing together the boxes around the chimneys. I need to finish the chimneys. I wanted to get them done beforehand, but it was hard to tell exactly how high I needed to go for each one. Now I know.

Today I started sheeting the pony walls below the trusses on the outside of the house. I also need to finish the pink foam insulation skin, which I can do once the sheeting over the pony walls is finished.

Next comes boxing the skylights and making the channels for them. That should be fun, I’ve never done that before. As usual, YouTube is a great resource for instructional videos.

Then I sheet the trusses and get ready for metal roofing.

We’re expecting off and on rain for the next week or more, but so far it hasn’t stopped me from working. If things stay that way, I’ll make a bunch of progress this week.

trusses on the house