September 30th House Update

Time for another update on the house build. Today was my birthday, so naturally I worked on the house.

Re-factoring CFML Applications - Part 5 - Splitting up Your Code

In Part 5 of the series on re-factoring CFML applications, I go into specific details of how you might split up your existing code in order for it to fit in your new FW/1 application.

Re-factoring CFML Applications, Part 4- From Tags to Script

In the first three parts of this series on re-factoring CFML applications, I covered the general concepts around re-factoring and laid out a set of plans for how you can go about re-factoring your application piece by piece.

Integrating Web Apps with Static Sites

Last year, I switched my blog from using a content management application to using a static site generator Hugo to serve a static web site.

August 22nd House Update

Time for an update on the house build. I have all the windows in now, and the foam insulation is complete on the outside of the house.

Re-factoring CFML Applications, Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, I laid out the background on web development, why there are many applications running today that need significant work to bring them up to date with current technology, and how you can plan a project to re-factor your application in FW/1 without re-writing from scratch.

Re-factoring CFML applications, Part 2

In Re-Factoring CFML Applications, Part 1, I gave some background about the development of old applications and how over time they degrade and become difficult to maintain and extend, and then I laid out some reasons for re-factoring versus re-writing from scratch, and I provided some background on the development of application frameworks and how they have helped standardize software development over time.

Re-factoring CFML Applications, Part 1

I’ve been so busy with my house build and learning all about construction techniques for Southwest architecture that I haven’t written anything about software in quite some time.

July 25th 2023 House Update

Big update today on the house build. Things are moving along, and if you guessed that I’m nearing the completion of the project, you would be right.

June 15th 2023 House Update

As promised, I have an update on my house build. The trusses have been up and braced and done for a little while, I’ve added the overhangs for the gable ends, and I’ve framed in the top frame for the skylights, though not the channels down to the ceiling below.