Where Do You Put Scripts in Linux?

I was recently tooling around techie blogs and came across someone recommending a solution to the problem of snap wanting to update software at all hours of the days regardless of what else was going on and regardless of the available Internet bandwidth.

Per-Process Network Monitoring in Linux

Have you ever been on a network connection with limited bandwidth and wondered what process was eating your bandwidth and preventing you from getting your work done?

Linux Users Outnumber macOS User on My Site

I am tickled pink to report that there are more Linux users than macOS users viewing this site.

Digging Through Granite is Tough Work

Nearing completion of the trenching for my footers. I need one more trench down the middle for plumbing.

Nine Months Later, What I've Been Up To

My last entry, Generating a self-signed SSL certififcate, was made nine months ago, so what have I been up to in the meantime?

Generating a self-signed SSL certififcate

One of the tasks every software developer needs to tackle periodically is generating a self-signed SSL certificate in one form or another for the purpose of testing SSL-secured software systems.

altseven 6.0.0 - Overview

It's been just over a year since I covered developments in the altseven framework.

Livesandbox Web app editor v 0.12.0 release

The next release of the livesandbox Javascript/Web app in-browser editor is now available.

gadget-ui v 7.0.0 - Part I - NodeJS support

gadget-ui, my open source JavaScript component library, has reached a new milestone- v 7.

gadget-ui v 7.0.0 - Part II - uploading images to a NodeJS app using FileUploader

In Part I of the look at the 7.0.0 release of gadget-ui, I discussed some of the new features of the library and provided some insight into the new NodeJS-based test system.