July 25th 2023 House Update

Big update today on the house build.

Things are moving along, and if you guessed that I’m nearing the completion of the project, you would be right.

I sheeted the roof, I installed the the eaves and fascia ( except for the gable ends, to be done this weekend ) lumber, and I put on the exterior insulation (again, except for the gable ends ). You can see in the picture of the gable end I installed a couple of attic vents on each end of the house for ventilation. I also have some small slots along the out edges of the eaves for venting.

Inside, I have started the stucco work in earnest, though it now looks like I am going to pause on that work for a week or so as the electricians are coming this week and next to do the electrical work.

I still need to put on the waterproof membrane, skylights, and metal roofing on the roof. Apart from that, I am waiting on four windows to complete the window install process.

I need to insulate the attic and pony walls, then I can stucco the inside and outside of the house. I need to sheet the frame walls once the electrical and plumbing work is done, then I can stucco those walls and finish the floor. After that, doors, cabinets, counters, and appliances get installed, toilets, sinks, and the finish plumbing goes in, and the house is pretty much done.

I still need to finish the leach field for the septic system and hook up the well water to the house, and of course there will be exterior improvements to be made, but I can do that work after we’re in the house.

I’m hoping to be done before the end of September, and I’m planning on long hours between now and then to get there.

Eaves on the gable ends

Stucco on the inside of the house

Completed roof sheeting