April 3, 2022 House Update

New update on my progress.

Winter, it seems, has finally broken.

I wonder if anyone keeps track of these things, but it seems to me that it snowed nearly every week at least once all winter long.

That must be some kind of record.

Never mind, now it’s Spring and good weather has arrived.

Most of the walls are up at or over head high, with a few up to the tops of the windows.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks making blocks and I’m ready to finish off the walls.

I need to put in the fireplaces and frame a couple of bearing walls to finish the walls and set the form to pour the concrete bond beam on top, then I can add the pony walls around the perimeter, drop in the vigas, and top it off with 1" x 6" decking for the ceiling.

The the fun part begins- putting on the roof.

Looks like I’m going to have a busy Spring.

I took this latest shot from a bit higher up to give some perspective on how high the walls are. The tall window frames on the far wall are at the final wall height, the tops of the window frames on the near wall are five course below that level.

My goal this week is to get everything up to the tops of the windows and doors, and cut and place all the lintels.

The following week I will be clearing out all of the equipment from the south wall and bringing in a big backhoe to do the trenching for the septic system.

To give you a sense of scale, the board running between those ladders is about three feet off the ground.

walls progress