10-21 House Update

Almost done with the 2nd course of blocks, will finish up tomorrow and work on the fireplace bases. The first two courses have been very time-consuming, mortaring and leveling everything to make a really flat, plumb, straight, level base.

The rest of the blocks get dry-stacked, so now it’s a race to stack the existing blocks, make enough to finish the walls, and frame in the windows.

I’ve ordered the wood for the window rough bucks (like what you see here for the doors, but 4" x 10" for the south windows) and the ceiling- vigas, etc.

They should be ready by the end of the month, so I have three weeks to lay in the rest of the blocks I have an make more.

I want to have the walls up by Thanksgiving, then I can pour the concrete bond beam on top, frame the pony walls above, and put the roof on- hopefully before winter really hits.

Doors and windows coming (maybe) in a month.

Once the roof is on and doors and windows are in, most of the remaining work is inside.

2nd course of blocks