10-24 House Update

Finishing the 3rd course of blocks tomorrow and working on the 4th course.

After the 4th course, I’ll frame the windows on the south wall, timbers are coming Tuesday.

The remaining courses have far fewer blocks per course because of gaps windows create.

I’m done with cement mortar as well.

I’m using slip mortar (basically dirt used to make the blocks with water mixed into a very thin slurry, sticky clay mud), scooping it with a bucket and pouring along the wall before laying blocks.

Very quick.

Once I start making fresh blocks, I may skip the slip mortar and just dry stack, but with the existing blocks being so dry, the slip mortar gives them enough to bond together.

Looking forward to getting a temp crew on site to help make blocks and get the walls up before winter arrives.

Doors and windows will hopefully come next month, transportation situation has me nervous on that score.

3rd course of blocks