May 14, 2022 House Update

I got the septic tank installed. I need to add the risers off the access ports, but otherwise it’s looking good.

I had to dig a deep hole due to the depth of the sewer pipe coming out of the house. I was worried about the depth, but in the end I only hit a small pocket of rock. Most of the dig was through decomposed granite, which the rented backhoe went through fairly readily. Still, I had to get to 11 feet deep, then backfill with a foot of sand/aggregate mix, to properly position the tank height.

I used a truck load of sand to backfill around the tank, and I’ll top it off with clean fill dirt after adding the risers.

Next up, digging the trenches for the leach field. The trench depth needs to be 7 ft for the bottom of the gravel bed. Unfortunately, I probably need to excavate another four feet and and backfill with clean fill dirt to give the liquids somewhere to go. I can’t tell yet because I don’t know where the decomposed granite starts in that area (to the left in the picture), but I know it’s down there somewhere.

I’ve also made progress on the living room fireplace and lintels, I expect to make a bunch of progress on the walls this weekend.

septic tank install