Spring 2023 House Update

Spring update on the house build.

I finally got the trusses for the roof delivered, and then this happened.

It snowed the next morning. Of course, the season being Spring, the snow melted by the afternoon. But that’s only half the story.

If you haven’t followed my house build before, I live on a private road that is 1/4 mile long going up the side of a hill. The entrance to the road is an S-turn that is challenging for large vehicles. No semis on my street.

The truss builder first wanted to deliver via a semi truck. No go, sorry.

Next, they wanted to deliver on a bobtail ( a large fladbed truck ). Too small, these trusses are 27+ feet long, sorry.

The solution was a 30 foot gooseneck flatbed trailer, which was able to get into the property (just barely), but could not get all the way up to the build site.

Fortunately, I have a second site down the hill where I’ve been making blocks for the house, and the driver was able to drop the trusses there.

That still left me with the challenge of getting them from that site 500 feet up the road (and up the hill) to the build site. I used my 20 foot flatbed trailer to get them up there a few at a time, and that was a pain, but you can see the payoff in the other picture. I have nine trusses up and connected (with hurricane ties, in case you are curious). I expect to get the rest up this weekend and start sheeting the roof.

I’m starting to see the finish line, despite all the weather delays and challenges with labor help during COVID.

trusses in the snow

trusses being put on the house