September 30th House Update

Time for another update on the house build.

Today was my birthday, so naturally I worked on the house.

The metal roofing is almost done on the south side of the house. I will still need to put the hats on the exposed pipes and put the flashing on the skylights and chimneys, but overall progress is looking good. I had help getting the panels on, I think it’s a bit dangerous to try to do on my own.

The other big priority is stuccoing the outside of the house. The warm weather window only lasts a few more weeks and I need to get it done or I have to wait until late April. The stucco mesh is on, but I need to finish the expanded metal lath- that’s the heavy stuff in between the two frames in the photo. It has to be cut and stapled around all wall penetrations. I should finish tomorrow.

I was going to do it today but I was tired, it’s my birthday, and a lightning storm started up in the afternoon. Lots of thunder and lightning, even some rain. Exciting!

I need to get the inspector to sign off on the lath, then I can stucco. I want to get it done in the next two weeks. That’s a big lift, and I might need to enlist some help for a couple of days, but I’ll get there. Once the outside stucco is on, the rest of the work - inside sheetrock and plaster, floors, insulation, fixtures, etc. can be done as the weather turns cold.

The plumbers are done with their work until the sheetrock is in, the electricians are closing out their work this week, so now it’s a sprint to the finish line. I’ll show some pictures of that stuff tomorrow.

lath detail

metal roofing