November 5th, 2023 House Update

Well, I was set with the stucco base coat and ready to accept that’s how the house would look until Spring. It got cold during the week, but we got a reprieve from winter starting Thursday, so I decided to go ahead with the stucco color coat.

I knew I only had four days at most to get it done, so I pulled out my stucco sprayer ( which works better for color coats than base coats because the material is finer ) and my big compressor and got to work. I applied forty or so bags of stucco color coat ( the color is called adobe, FYI ) and got a coat on the house. I will likely do some touch ups in the spring, but for now I am satisfied with the result.

This picture is from Saturday, if you look closely at the right side (the southeast corner of the house), you can see a small section not done. I finished that section, the top of the east wall, and some window trim today. And yes, I made a mess of the windows. I had to go really fast and didn’t have time to cover everything, so I figure I’ll break out the pressure washer and clean them up once the color coat sets. I might start with wet rags and scrubbers to get the glass clean, I’ll see if that’s enough.

I need to finish the roof next weekend, and then I am pushing forward with the skylight framing, then insulation, drywall sheeting, and plastering inside. That’s my schedule for November.

stucco color coat