November 19th, 2023 House Update

Time for another update on the house build. I got the last metal roof panel on yesterday. It started raining five minutes later, and now it is snowing, so I think it’s fair to say I prioritized the right tasks. I haven’t finished all of the flashing yet, but I think the roof will survive a few more days until I can finish it.

The entire house has small flat LED lighting in the ceiling, and as soon as the electrical inspection is done, I can hook a generator to the panel and get power for lighting so I can work at night, as it is now getting dark around 530-6 pm.

I also got a lot more of the inside stucco base on the walls, and I have nearly finished boxing in the first skylight channel. Five more of those and I can call for the framing inspection, then I can insulate and enclose the inside walls, and I’m closing in on the finish line. I will still need to do the stucco finish coat, including covering where the electrical was run, then finish the floor and put in cabinets, vanities, toilets, etc. The plumbers and electricians will come to finish their part as soon as I enclose the walls.

On the inside frame walls, I might paint instead of doing stucco or plaster. My daughter wants paint. It’s certainly easier and quicker, and I can match the color of the stucco.

I still need to finish the leach field for the septic, that and hooking up the water line are probably the last tasks to complete.

I had to dig a three foot deep trench for the electricians. Just a few feet, but my tractor backhoe had a broken hydraulic line. $47 and a bit of cursing later, the tractor had a new line and I dug the trench in a few minutes.

Snow on the metal roof