February 25, 2024 House Update

In the home stretch.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few days now, but I just haven’t had the time.

We had a brutal cold and snowy January, and I was sick for most of it, so my project was delayed, but February has been good and I am approaching the finish line.

The plumbers just came and installed the tankless water heaters - one for hot water and one for radiant heating. That’s basically ready to go, it just needs power and propane.

Tankless water heaters

They had to move the plumbing under the sink, so I installed the sink cabinet, which you can see in the photo along with the special concrete I will use to pour the countertop.

Kitchen sink cabinet installed

The doors are now installed, as is the attic door (just a project panel with a lock on it, nothing fancy). The drywall is taped except for the outside pony wall sections. I blew insulation into those areas, but the space is tough to fill so the inspector has asked me to add insulation batts there. That’s getting done tomorrow. Even the skylights are done, and that was a pain.

Attic door


Skylight taping

I ran a sort of catwalk along the attic center line at the height I needed for insulation, so it’s easy to see the depth now. 17.5" to the bottom of the catwalk for R-44.


Lastly, I am painting the drywall with a watered down white glue and sand mix to give it some sticky texture before the stucco finish coat, which should get done by next Sunday.

Drywall glue

Once the stucco is done, I need to finish the floors, put in the cabinets, vanities, toilets, and finish the shower stalls, and the inside is ready. The plumber and electrician will do a chunk of that work as well.

There are still a few projects like bancos and closet shelving, but I can get a certificate of occupancy without them. I’ve had to slow down because of family obligations, so I’m giving myself a couple of months to finish the inside and dig the rest of the leach field.