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Building and Configuring Apache James with OpenLDAP

Apache James, Open Source, OpenLDAP, Ubuntu

[ This post is part of my ongoing instructional series on setting up some baseline IT infrastructure for the fictional startup Shoestring Lab. Shoestring has committed to using Open Source wherever possible. Shoestring Lab has standardized on Ubuntu for its server and desktop/laptop computer systems.

Today's lesson

Now that you have built a central user repository for your network using OpenLDAP, you need to configure an email server to use the OpenLDAP user repository.]

Videos - Building Apache James from source

Apache James

I just released videos on YouTune that demonstrate how to build Apache James mail server from source via two methods:

Take a look.

Building Apache James from source using CLI

Apache James, CLI

Lately I have been working with the Apache James mail server, and I have needed to build it from source. The process is fairly easy but not well documented at the Apache James site. Here is how I got a good build:

if all you want is to build the source, you can accomplish that without too much fuss. You will need some tools installed on your system if you don’t have them already - Maven and Subversion.


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