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Reading file creation time in CFML using the java.nio.file package

ColdFusion, Java

CFML has lots of nifty time-saving features that make it a great language for developing Web applications. Every now and again, though, you will find that there are things you can't get to directly in CFML. In these cases, we drop down to Java for our solution. How? Read on ...

Using the provider namespace in ColdBox/WireBox with JavaLoader

CFML, ColdBox, ColdFusion, Lucee

Injecting classes in ColdBox via WireBox is generally pretty easy, but it can become complicated depending on what you need to inject, and where it needs to be injected. Sometimes you need the advanced functionality of the provider namespace to make it work. Sound interesting? Read on...

Prevent CF 10 autostart on OS X Mavericks

ColdFusion, OSX

Preventing ColdFusion10 from auto-restarting on OS X.


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