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Reading file creation time in CFML using the java.nio.file package

ColdFusion, Java

CFML has lots of nifty time-saving features that make it a great language for developing Web applications. Every now and again, though, you will find that there are things you can't get to directly in CFML. In these cases, we drop down to Java for our solution. How? Read on ...

Real-time server debug info using NodeJS, jQuery, Websockets and Logbox

CFML, Java, JavaScript

Have you ever been working on a web site and wished you could get the server-side debug information without all the tedium of browsing log files or dumping debug information in the UI? Using Logbox and Websockets, you can do just that.

Installing Lucee on Tomcat 7/OS X

Java, Lucee

Lucee Server ( is a new application server that sits on the JVM. The server can be downloaded as a war file and installed on Apache Tomcat (or any other servlet container) with just a few simple steps. This method is based on a blog post by Sean Corfield on installing Railo on Tomcat

Installing Oracle JDK on Ubuntu

Java, Ubuntu

The Oracle JDK is no longer maintained in the Ubuntu repository, but if you want to install it, there is still a way to install via apt. Per the team:

You can add their repository to apt and install the Oracle Java installer, which verifies your agreement to Oracle's licensing terms and downloads the JDK from Oracle.


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