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Compiling Nginx from source on Ubuntu - April 2016 Update

CLI, Nginx, Ubuntu

Compiling Nginx, like other open source projects, tends to be a bit of a moving target. New versions are regularly released, dependent libraries are updated, and new modules become available over time. SPDY has been retired in favor of HTTP v2, and that changes is reflected in the latest build target for Nginx.

Updated Script to Start and Stop Lucee and Nginx on OSX

CLI, Lucee, Nginx

You may have seen my previous post on creating a shell script to start and stop Lucee on OSX.  I have updated the script to use a non-root user to run Tomcat. Instructions included, read on ...

Shell script to start and stop Lucee and Nginx

CLI, Lucee, Nginx

I have been working on my shell programming and thought I would write a script to start and stop my Lucee (Tomcat) and Nginx servers at the same time as a convenience. You can substitute process names and program commands if you want to use the script with a different combination of programs. This script should work on any system supporting ps, grep, and awk, e.g. linux and OS X.

Build Nginx on Ubuntu - Adding SPDY, Updating Nginx, OpenSSL, PCRE

CLI, Linux, Nginx, Ubuntu

Keeping up with server updates can be complicated and time consuming, but its importance can't be overstated. Recent attacks against OpenSSL have necessitated emergency patches from the OpenSSL team. The latest OpenSSL version, 1.0.1j, patches recently discovered vulnerabilities, so we are updating to the latest version of OpenSSL. Note that the latest version of Nginx also supports building with BoringSSL and LibreSSL if you prefer those libraries.

Compile NGIX from source on Ubuntu

CLI, Nginx, Ubuntu

To Compile NGINX from source on Ubuntu, just follow these steps.


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