Linux-compatible Wi-Fi USB adapter

I recently had a need to equip a computer running Linux ( Lubuntu ) with a Wi-Fi adapter. Having been through years of Linux hardware compatibility issues, I was not optimistic about the odds of getting an adapter working off the bat. I managed to get the OS to recognize an old v1 Linksys W54GUSB adapter, but for whatever reason - hardware or software - it barely pushed any traffic.

After some research online, I took a trip to the local Fry's Electronics store and found the JUE302 Wi-Fi adapter from j5create. A quick Google trip didn't reveal information I would have liked, like the chipet the JUE302 uses, but it was marked as Linux-compatible, so I decided to give it a shot.

I plugged in the adapter to an open USB port and booted the system. On login, Linux asked for the Wi-Fi password to the local network. Success! A few seconds later I was connected to the Internet and browsing without having even touched the Linux console. For Linux veterans, seeing a new piece of hardware "just works" is a very pleasant, if unusual, experience.  

Kudos to j5create for a product that works out of the box on Linux.