Livesandbox Web app editor updated

Following the release of a work in progress update to gadget-ui, I've spent some time this weekend on an update to the beta release of the livesandbox web app editor. This is a minor update meant to fix some of the most egregious and annoying bugs in the initial beta release.

Oh yeah, grab the code on GitHub.

Fixes in this release (from the release notes):

  • properly set editor mode for each pane so code renders correctly
  • set editor to refresh on content load
  • prevent save for unnamed apps/libraries
  • resolve issues with saving/loading of libraries linked to apps
  • add new library function
  • fix issue with bit value as Buffer in remote/app.update
  • login now loads libraries and apps

The editor now color codes JavaScript, HTML, and CSS correctly. It also immediately shows changes to each editor pane when you load a saved app. These were minor configuration and programming issues with the editor.  Making the most of the Code Mirror editor component could involve significant configuration work, for now the settings are out-of-the-box configurations.

Saving and loading apps and libraries has also been given some attention, though there are still some issues saving apps and more generally handling server-side exceptions on the client. These issues will be addressed in a future release.

The CSS Grid layout of the sandbox still needs work, as mentioned in the initial beta release notes, and may receive attention in the next release. Once the outstanding issues are resolved, I may spend some time on a user admin area, multi-user mode, and anonymous browse/edit mode. Suggestions for enhancements/updates are welcome.