New Open Source CFML Server - Lucee

There is a new kid on the block in the land of open source CFML engines. Lucee 4.5 rolled out yesterday and generated immediate buzz in the CFML community. Lucee is a fork of the popular Railo CFML engine, brought to life by many of the same people that created and maintained Railo over the last several years. 

These same folks have apparently setup a non-profit foundation in Switzerland called the Lucee Association Switzerland to act as steward for the codebase. Membership is open (at varying levels based on fees). 

Many questions have circulated about what happened with the Railo project that has led to this development. While the Lucee team has been tight-lipped about the background, it seems safe to assume, based on the mission statements for Lucee and LAS, that there was a difference of opinion over the direction of the project between the owners of the Railo brand and the technical team. 

The CFML community has needed a shakeup, and this seems like great positive movement. Best of luck to Railo and Lucee.