Patches for Apache James mail server 3.0 beta5

A bug reported in Apache James mail server was causing the sender smtp server to be incorrectly reported to the receiving SMTP server. With help from the reporter, I fixed the bug and have made a patch for it.

If you are running James v 3 and want the sender hostname to report correctly, apply the remotedelivery patch and update your conf/mailetcontainer.xml (or .conf for pre-beta 5) file. Under the RemoteDelivery mailet, uncomment the following line:

<!-- Set the HELO/EHLO name to use when connectiong to remote SMTP-Server -->


and set hostname to the mx name of your mail server.

In addition, if you are running James against an LDAP user store and would like to filter users by additional criteria, apply the ldap patch and add a filter statement to conf/usersrepository-openldap.xml. Say you have a group called emailaccounts, and only members of this group are allowed to use the email server. Add this filter:



As you can see in the patch, the filter is applied as part of the user query, so it is a very efficient way to limit email users by group.

You can download the patches here: (3150 bytes)  - sha256 - 40f8adc9c612f788d28cf057fec8011be1f170c028dd06fb164d49e500182a0f

 james-patches.tar.gz (1521 bytes) - sha256 - 2dc4f8b74feaeeb4d048556b789ddd83c9b3a032828fc4d4f7827c6b78a2c210