Running local development services with CommandBox

CommandBox has become my default way to run local development services in CFML.

With a few commands, you can start a new server and have a local development environment running:


$ cd /git/shoestring
$ box


After running the box command, you will get the CommandBox CLI:


CommandBox:shoestring> server start

✓ | Starting Server



Checking the status of your local dev sites is a cinch:

CommandBox:shoestring> server list

shoestring (running)
  CF Engine: lucee 5.2.8+50
  Webroot: /git/shoestring/
  Last Started: 22-Sep-2018 18:13:40



You can also check for server status messages:


CommandBox:shoestring> server status --> /git/shoestring/
  CF Engine: lucee 5.2.8+50
  Last Started: 22-Sep-2018 18:20:05

  Last status message: 


CommandBox has many more features for CFML development. I'll dig into some of them later.