So I created a JavaScript framework ...

Last year, and largely as an academic exercise, I created a JavaScript framework called altseven. In the framework, I included a few ideas I had been working with over the last few years. A few of the main features:

  • Pluggable view system ( supports Mustache and Handlebars templates )
  • Pluggable model for data binding ( supports my own gadget-ui model )
  • Logging module
  • Real-time JavaScript console to show both client and server-side log messages ( server support required for server-side logging )
  • Publish/subscribe event system
  • Remote data handling using fetch()
  • Security/auth system that integrates with the remote module
  • Component system with extensible User component and event bindings to create custom events for your components

It still lacks a few things, including a URL router and support for ReactJS view rendering. 

I published altseven to npm, so if you would like to play with it, you can:

$ npm install altseven

There is a test application in the /test folder to give you an idea of how it works.

I may put some more effort into expanding the framework to make it usable in real-world production web applications. 

altseven is available under the Mozilla Public License v 2.0.