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Recommended Computer Configurations for 2020

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For professional laptop users, I recommend a baseline configuration of at least 32 GB RAM, a quad core CPU, and an M.2 SSD with 512 GB or more of space. From there, I recommend upgrading the SSD to the fastest possible speed (3500 MBps read speed currently), and increasing the size of the disk as much as you can afford. 2TB is currently the max size for a high end M.2 SSD. Depending on the use case, I also recommend increasing RAM to 64 GB if possible. Lastly, some of the very highest end models such as the top tier MacBook Pro offer a six core CPU. While that might be the CPU you get by default if you choose the top MacBook Pro, most users will not need the additional cores.

New Year, New Ideas


For the new year, I have decided to blog with a partial focus on answering questions. More specifically, I spent the last couple of years answering many technology question on Quora. For the new year, rather than answer on Quora, I am going to take a selection of questions people ask me and answer them on my blog, where I have control over what gets published.

So here's to the New Year, may it be a good one.

Review your reliance on npm libraries and CDNs


In case you haven't heard yet, npm broke a significant chunk of the Internet yesterday. 

Linux-compatible Wi-Fi USB adapter


Need a Linix-compatible Wi-Fi adapter that "just works"? The JUE302 from j5create might be just what you were looking for. Read on ...


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