Updated Script to Start and Stop Lucee and Nginx on OSX

CLI, Lucee, Nginx

You may have seen my previous post on creating a shell script to start and stop Lucee on OSX.  I have updated the script to use a non-root user to run Tomcat. Instructions included, read on ...

A Proper IDE for the new Lucee scripting language

CFML, Lucee

IntelliJ is losing CFML support. What does that mean for CFML programmers, and what might a good next-generation CFML/Lucee IDE look like? Read on ...

Real-time server debug info using NodeJS, jQuery, Websockets and Logbox

CFML, Java, JavaScript

Have you ever been working on a web site and wished you could get the server-side debug information without all the tedium of browsing log files or dumping debug information in the UI? Using Logbox and Websockets, you can do just that.

Custom constructors with mixins to add event bindings in JavaScript


Using a custom constructor with Object.create(), you can mixin methods that allow you to bind event handlers to method execution in JavaScript classes. How does that work? Read on ...

Add a local repo to GitHub

CLI, Git

If you have a local repo that you want to add as a new project to GitHub, follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to Github.

2. Create a new repo. Do NOT initialize the repo with a README file.

3. Copy the endpoint URL for the repo.

4. On the command line, type:

git remote add origin git remote -vgit push origin master

Installing Lucee on Tomcat 7/OS X

Java, Lucee

Lucee Server (www.lucee.org) is a new application server that sits on the JVM. The server can be downloaded as a war file and installed on Apache Tomcat (or any other servlet container) with just a few simple steps. This method is based on a blog post by Sean Corfield on installing Railo on Tomcat

Shell script to start and stop Lucee and Nginx

CLI, Lucee, Nginx

I have been working on my shell programming and thought I would write a script to start and stop my Lucee (Tomcat) and Nginx servers at the same time as a convenience. You can substitute process names and program commands if you want to use the script with a different combination of programs. This script should work on any system supporting ps, grep, and awk, e.g. linux and OS X.

Reading and Writing Binary Files to MongoDB/GridFS with Lucee

Lucee, MongoDB

MongoDB  offers an alternative to traditional database stores. It also offers an alternative persistence store to the file system for storing binary files on the server.

Lucee MongoDB Extension

Lucee, MongoDB

With the release of Lucee, Micha Offner announced on the Lucee Google Group the availability of the MongoBD extension released as an open source project on BitBucket under LGPL 2.1 I installed the extension to Lucee and immediately came across a difference in my existing code that has required some updating. Specifically, using the $aggregate operator in Mongo led me to some syntax that would not be normal in the mongo shell.

New Open Source CFML Server - Lucee

CFML, Lucee

There is a new kid on the block in the land of open source CFML engines. Lucee 4.5 rolled out yesterday and generated immediate buzz in the CFML community. Lucee is a fork of the popular Railo CFML engine, brought to life by many of the same people that created and maintained Railo over the last several years. 


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