Re-building the locate database in OS X


Just discovered my locate database in OS X is corrupt. Easy enough to replace the database and fix the problem:

sudo rm /var/db/locate.databasesudo /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb

Videos - Building Apache James from source

Apache James

I just released videos on YouTune that demonstrate how to build Apache James mail server from source via two methods:

Take a look.

Installing Oracle JDK on Ubuntu

Java, Ubuntu

The Oracle JDK is no longer maintained in the Ubuntu repository, but if you want to install it, there is still a way to install via apt. Per the team:

You can add their repository to apt and install the Oracle Java installer, which verifies your agreement to Oracle's licensing terms and downloads the JDK from Oracle.

Building Apache James from source using CLI

Apache James, CLI

Lately I have been working with the Apache James mail server, and I have needed to build it from source. The process is fairly easy but not well documented at the Apache James site. Here is how I got a good build:

if all you want is to build the source, you can accomplish that without too much fuss. You will need some tools installed on your system if you don’t have them already - Maven and Subversion.

Compile NGIX from source on Ubuntu

CLI, Nginx, Ubuntu

To Compile NGINX from source on Ubuntu, just follow these steps.

Prevent CF 10 autostart on OS X Mavericks

ColdFusion, OSX

Preventing ColdFusion10 from auto-restarting on OS X.

Setting up Go on OS X


Setting up Go on OS X involves several steps.

Install Go using Homebrew

~# brew update~# brew install go


Connect to MySQL over SSH


If you are running MySQL in a VM or on a remote host that runs sshd, you can connect to MySQL using the MySQL Workbench by creating an SSH tunnel. Assuming your remote MySQL is listening to localhost on port 3306, create an SSH tunnel like so:

ssh user@host -L 3307: -N


enter your password at the prompt. Next, connect to MySQL at localhost on port 3307, the port forward will send the traffic to the remote server.


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